Propagandistic publications and war-time newspapers. Collection

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This collection consists of one letter and ten publications, including Belgian and international war-time and immediate post-war newspapers (Volk en Staat, Het Algemeen Nieuws, Het Belang van Limburg, La Libre Belgique, Der Mitteldeutsche, The Western Daily Press and Bristol Mirror) as well as propagandistic and/or anti-Semitic booklets (“Terreur tegen paus en Vaticaan”, “Dat had Europa van het Bolsjewisme te verwachten”, “De Beestmensch” and “Vleugels der Overwinning”).
Warre Verhaeghe
Dutch, French, German, English
10 publications and 1 document
Several items in this collection refer to the municipality of Koersel in Limburg. Perhaps they were gathered during the war by one of the inhabitants since the publication "De Beestmensch" was sent to a local address. In 2018 Warre Verhaeghe rescued the items in this collection from a dumpster. He entrusted the publications and documents to his the school, the Royal Athenaeum Diest, for an educational project. Based on descriptions made by the students, Kazerne Dossin selected 12 items for its collection. Warre Verhaeghe subsequently donated the originals to the documentation centre in 2019.
Warre Verhaeghe, 2019

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