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This collection contains: postcards sent by family members to David Wajntraub and his wife Sura Gitla alias Sara Broner in Brussels (1937-1942) ; a letter from the Antwerp Ortskommandantur to the mayor of Schoten, confirming the confiscation of buildings by the Abteilung Feind- und Judenvermögen [Division enemy and Jewish capital] (1941) ; postcard sent by Edith Silbiger, Jewish secretary at the Dossin barracks, to her parents Arnold Silbiger and Ernestine Kirschner (30 September 1942) ; parcel request form filled out by Michel Van West and his family while detained at the Dossin barracks (1943) ; parcel request form filled out by Meier Romacki while detained at the Dossin barracks (1943) ; payslip for a cleaning lady working at the Soldatenheim in Mechelen (1944) ; postcard addressed to a Belgian man suspected of collaboration and detained at the Dossin barracks (18 November 1944) ; postcard from Flora Rothschild (born Florsheim) to the Organisation de Regroupement familiale [Organisation for Family Reunification], inquiring about the Paris address of Mr. Apfeldorfer (28 March 1947) ; three envelopes addressed to the Belgian army divisions housed at the Dossin barracks (1948-1949) ; a copy of the precious print “Het IIIe Rijk en de Joden. Eenige Documenten” by Committee for the Defence of the Rights of Jews, Antwerp, 1933.
Flor Van Laer
Dutch, Hebrew, Jiddisch, German, French
Latin, Hebrew
Digitally stored at Kazerne Dossin
Flor Van Laer, Private collection, Emblem, Belgium
Digital copy available as collection KD_00434 at Kazerne Dossin
169 digitised images (25 documents and 1 precious print)
Other documents on the Van West family were acquisitioned by collector Patrick Verwerft and are part of collection KD_00348.
Flor Van Laer has been collecting documents with postmarks for decades. He has a special interest in the Second World War and focusses on collecting items related to the Belgian case.
As of 2016 collector Flor Van Laer very kindly allows Kazerne Dossin to digitise specific items from his collection related to the racial persecution in Belgium. His collection is composed of documents he was able to purchase both in Belgium and abroad.
Flor Van Laer, 2016 and onwards

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