Maison de la Miséricorde orphanage, Heverlee. Collection

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Digitised postcards of indoor and outdoor spaces at the House of Mercy (Maison de la Miséricorde/Huis der Barmhartigheid), an orphanage in Heverlee, where over 70 Jewish children were hidden by catholic nuns during the Second World War.
DE WOLF Lisa, "Joodse ondergedoken kinderen in Don Bosco Groenveld tijdens WO II", in Jaarboek van het Leuvens Historisch Genootschap, 2013 (7), 11-105.
Maison de la Miséricorde orphanage, Heverlee
Digitally stored at Kazerne Dossin
14 digitised images
KD_00306, "Holocaust project Don Bosco Groenveld" : In 2013, Ria Christens, archivist of Sisters Annuntiaten (housed in the former House of Mercy in Heverlee), and teachers-in-training Lisa De Wolf and Karen Van Lil, set up a research project regarding the Jewish children hidden at the Home of Mercy. Six Jewish children and two of their rescuers were interviewed. Collection KD_00306 is only accessible at the Kazerne Dossin documentation center, with permission of Ria Christens and Lisa De Wolf.
The House of Mercy (Maison de la Miséricorde/Huis van Barmhartigheid) in Heverlee was erected in 1893 as a refuge for abandoned children. During the Second World War, the catholic nuns who ran the home, hid over 70 Jewish children at the institute. The House of Mercy today is a school, Don Bosco Groenveld.

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