Scrap book on the Adolf Eichmann trial. Item

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This scrap book contains hundreds of clippings from presumably French, Belgian and Italian newspapers on the trial of Adolf Eichmann.
Ray Petitfrère
French, Italian
One large folio. The glue used to attach the clippings to the pages has stained them severely.
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Ray Petitfrère was a Belgian historian and a teacher at the School voor Jachtwachters / l'École des Gardes-Chasses in Namur, Belgium. From 1946 until 1979 he published several books on national-socialism, including a three volume biography of Adolf Hitler, and on military themes such as weapons and hunting.
The scrap book was created in 1961-1962 by Ray Petitfrère, perhaps in preparation of a new historical publication. The scrapbook might have been part of a larger series and was probably obtained by a buyer-up when cleaning out a house. Jean-Marie Cottyn purchased the scrap book on a flea market in Kortrijk and subsequently donated the original item to Kazerne Dossin in 2019.
Jean-Marie Cottyn, collector

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