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This collection contains numerous editions of underground press and post-war press edited by armed partisan groups, trade unions and the Belgian Communist Party, section Mechelen-Willebroek, collected by Georgette José Hofman. Among the compiled titles are : De Strijd, De Vrijheidsklok, De Eendracht, Radio Moskou, De Propagandist, Persdienst, De Boer and De Rode Vaan. The collection also contains several photocopies of post-war documents regarding the resistance activities of Georgette José Hofman and her husband Valentijn Vereecken.
Georgette (José) Hofman
Dutch, French
432 digitised images (87 documents in 1 file box)
Georgette “José” Hofman was born in Gent, Belgium, on 21 March 1909. She married teacher Valentijn Vereecken (b. 13/03/1909 in Borgerhout, Antwerp), with whom she led the theatre company “De Rozeknop” for several years. The couple had two children : Dirk and Hedwig. Valentijn Vereecken was a member of the communist party.
During the war, Valentijn first became the Mechelen section leader of the Geheim Leger/Armée Secrète (Secret Army). After dissolution of the group, he joined the Front de l’Indépendance (Independence Front) and became chief editor of the illegal newspaper Solidarité. He published articles and, together with his comrade partisan leader and architect Pierre Lejon, distributed several illegal newspapers. Both Valentijn and his wife José were also active members of the Comet line (Réseau Comète), smuggling pilots and crew members of allied airplanes to France. Valentijn Vereecken was arrested on 29 June 1944, during a meeting with couriers from Brussels. He was deported to Neuengamme and was murdered there by an SS guard on 3 November 1944.
After Valentijn’s deportation, José took over the lead of Solidarité and also continued to distribute clandestine press as a courier. After liberation, Valentijn was recognised as an armed partisan. José never received official recognition. She passed away in Heist-op-den-Berg on 1st February 2005.
Hugo Lejon, son of architect Pierre Lejon, comrade of Valentijn Vereecken

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