Jette (Brussels). Documents regarding the implementation of anti-Jewish measures, selected from the municipal archives. Collection

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KD_00031_0001: Folder "Instructions pour Israelites", containing copies of several Verordnungsblatter, circular letters issued by the province and notes regarding the implementation of the anti-Jewish measures in Jette (Brussels).
KD_00031_0002: Folder "Documents service interne", containing correspondence with federal authorities, circular letters, lists of Jews whom bought the yellow star (star of David), notes on Jewish children whom turned 15 regarding their registration in the municipal Jewish register, letters regarding the nationality of Jewish inhabitants of Jette, documents regarding Jewish pupils and schools.
KD_00031_0003 : Jewish register of Jette. Each form contains the name, date and place of birth, profession, nationality, religion, date of arrival in Belgium, the last country the person has left, address, date and place of registration of a person, and information regarding the spouse, parents, grandparents and children.
KD_00031_0004: Name index of the Jewish register of Jette, accessible only at the Kazerne Dossin documentation center.
KD_00031_0005 : Folder "Recensement des Juifs au 15 août 1941", a list of all Jews living in Jette on the mentioned date, containing 149 names.
KD_00031_0006: Folder "Juifs entrée", containing a notebook "Repertoire Israélites" with the names and addresses of Jewish inhabitants of Jette and their date of departure/going into hiding, typed lists of registered Jews and confirmation notes sent to other municipalities confirming the registration of certain individuals.
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DENIS Jean-Paul, Jette, 1940-1944. Faits de résistance dans la commune et à Saint-Pierre. Les chemins du courage, Jette, 2007.
Municipality, Jette
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Digitally stored at Kazerne Dossin
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A name index of the Jewish register of Jette is available at the Kazerne Dossin documentation center (KD_00031_0004).
Municipal archives, Jette. Files POP-191, POP_193 and QHX-1
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A copy of the municipal Jewish register of Jette is part of the Jewish register of Belgium (KD_00008). However, there seems to be only a 90% overlaps. A number of persons registered in Jette is not registered in the Jewish register of Belgium and vice versa.
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The German Verordnung (Anti-Jewish measure) of 28 October 1940, published in the Verordnungsblatt on 5 November 1940, ordered the registration of Jews from the age of 15 by the Belgian municipalities. More anti-Jewish measures (regarding education, property and migration) followed.The heads of the Belgian civil service willingly placed the country’s administrative apparatus at the occupier’s disposal to allow the registration of Jews. The municipality of Jette also obeyed the new laws.
These documents and files were created by the municipality of Jette in 1940-1944, as a result of the anti-Jewish measures, decreed by the Militärverwaltung. The files are preserved at the Jette municipal archives until this day. In 2011, researcher Dorien Styven selected the municipal files regarding anti-Jewish measures at the municipal archives, for the purpose of the new permanent exhibition at Kazerne Dossin. The selected files were subsequently digitised.
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Municipal archives, Jette, 2011
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