Simon Heymans. Collection

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This collection contains : a photo of Simon Heymans, two letters sent by Simon Heymans while imprisoned at Saint-Gilles, Brussels, to his wife and daughter in Tilburg, including lists of goods he wanted to receive and information on the procedure to visit him ; a postcard sent by Simon Heymans while detained at the Dossin barracks to his wife, misses Heymans-Bollekamp, and their daughter.
Simon Heymans
Digitally stored at Kazerne Dossin
Pauline Bingen, Private collection, The Hague, the Netherlands
8 digitised images (3 letters and 1 photo)
Simon Heymans was born in Amsterdam on 15 March 1885. He married a non-Jewish woman, with whom he had a daughter. In September 1942, Simon was arrested in Belgium and sent to the prison in Saint-Gilles, Brussels. From there he contacted his wife and daughter who he had left behind in Tilburg, the Netherlands. His letters contain lists of goods he wants to receive while imprisoned, including a request to visit him and to bring papers which prove his wife’s Aryan decent. On 20 November 1942, Simon was transferred from the prison to the Dossin barracks in Mechelen. He initially was scheduled to be deported via Transport XVIII on 15 January 1943, but thanks to his marriage to a non-Jewish woman, he was stricken from the list and released on 30 June 1943, after which he was reunited with his family.
Pauline Bingen, granddaughter of Simon Heymans, offered the Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance, predecessor of Kazerne Dossin, digital copies of the letters and photo in 2005.
Pauline Bingen, 2005

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