Belgian police reports on Jews escaped from Transport XX. Collection

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This collection contains: reports of the Zoutleeuw, Boutersem, Tienen and Leuven police forces regarding Jews who escaped from, or who were mortally injured or killed during their escape from Transport XX, including Lina Charlotte Glucksmann, Dyna Rozensztein, Mayer Weiss false Susswein, Rudolf Kahan alias Gustav Dobszinki, Josef Weinberg, Jankiel Korenberg, Naftali Heffner, Leon Aronsfrau, Eva Hollander and Gertrud Springer ; doctors notes regarding the treatment of the wounded escapees; letters from Charles Susswein to the public prosecutor in Leuven regarding his 1962 research on the fate of his brother, victim Mayer Weiss false Susswein.
MICHIELS Marc & VAN DEN WIJNGAERT Mark, Het XXste transport naar Auschwitz. De ongelijke strijd op leven en dood, Antwerpen, 2012.
Public prosecutor in Leuven, Belgium
Digitally stored at Kazerne Dossin
The State Archives published multiple finding aids regarding the archives of the public prosecutor in Leuven.
Belgian State Archives, Leuven, Archives of the public prosecutor, file 4132/1943
Digital copy available as collection KD_00121 at Kazerne Dossin
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The Archives Service for War Victims in Brussels holds the file with reports from the Tienen police force on Jews escaped from Transport XX in their municipality. The "Research by Marc Michiels on Transport XX" collection (KD_00117) contains research materials collected by Marc Michiels in preparation of his publication on Transport XX.
On 19 April 1943 Transport XX, the first deportation train from Belgium which consists of goods wagons, left the Dossin barracks. On board were 1,631 Jewish detainees. Near Boortmeerbeek, Belgium, friends Youra Livschitz, Robert Maistriau and Jean Franklemon forced the train to stop by means of a red lantern which was placed on the tracks. Despite heavy gunfire from the guards, the three young men succeeded in opening one of the wagons. 17 persons were able to escape.
After the attack, prisoners in other wagons were able to force the sliding doors or the air vents with help of tools which were smuggled onto the train by the Jewish workers at the Dossin barracks. Transport XX contained a high number of resistance fighters which had prepared for this escape attempt while detained at the Dossin barracks, not knowing anything about the plans of Livschitz, Maistriau and Franklemon. 236 additional persons were able to jump from the train. 26 of the escapees were mortally wounded or killed during their escape attempt. Of the 210 others, some were also wounded and many fled to villages near the escape site where they sought help from a doctor or other inhabitants. 90 of the 210 escapees were caught again, the other 120 were able to go into hiding.
The public prosecutor of the district Leuven centralised the reports of the Zoutleeuw, Boutersem, Tienen and Leuven police forces on Jews who escaped from Transport XX, or who were mortally wounded or killed during their escape attempt. The original file is part of the archives of the public prosecutor stored at the State Archives in Leuven.
State Archives in Leuven, 2012

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