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Marriage booklet ("Familienstammbuch") of Nuta Manelewitsh and Chana Zarwanitzer ; German passport ("Fremdenpass") of Chana Zarwanitzer ; three prisoner ID plaques, worn by the detainees at the Dossin barracks, for transport XXII A and XXVII ; two certificates of release from the Dossin barracks for Nuta Manelewitsh and Chana Zarnawitzer, signed on 5 September 1944 ; postwar political prisoner beneficiary ID for Nochem (Norbert) Manelewitsh ; postwar membership card of the Association of former prisoners of the Dossin barracks (L'Association des Anciens Détenus de la Caserne Dossin de Malines) for Nuta Manelewitsh ; Bulletin Union générale des Israelites de France (02-06-1942).
Manelewitsh-Zarwanitzer family
German, French
Digitally stored at Kazerne Dossin
Nochem Manelewitsh, Private collection, Brussels
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Nuta Manelewitsh was born in Poland, in 1902. He married Chana Zarwanitzer, born in Essen in 1904, in 1930. In 1938, a son, Nochem (Norbert) Manelewitsh was born. The following year the orthodox Jewish family fled to Belgium and settled in Brussels. Nuta Manelewitsh was arrested upon denunciation by "le gros Jacques" (fat Jack) and was taken to the Dossin barracks on 28 August 1943. After being able to escape from transport XXII A to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Nuta, together with his wife Chana Zarwanitzer and their son Nochem (Norbert), was arrested again, also after denunciation by "le gros Jacques". They were taken to the Dossin barracks on 3 August 1944 after having spent a night in the cells of the Sicherheitspolizei-Sicherheitsdienst (Sipo-SD) at Avenue Louis. At the Dossin barracks, Nuta, Chana and Nochem were registered for deportation on transport XXVII. The Dossin barracks, however, were liberated on 3 September 1944 and all Manelewitsh-Zarwanitzer family members thus survived the war. They returned to Brussels. Nuta Manelewitsh became a member of the Association of former prisoners of the Dossin barracks (L'Associations des Anciens Détenus de la Caserne Dossin de Malines). Chana Zarwanitzer passed away in Anderlecht in 1980, Nuta Manelewitsh in 1984. Their son Nochem (Norbert) Manelewitsh still lives in Brussels.
These documents were saved by the Manelewitsh-Zarwanitzer family.
Nuchem Manelewitsh, 1995

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