Research by David Inowlocki on hidden children and their rescuers in Belgium. Collection

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This collection consists of 57 research files. Every file was carefully composed by David Inowlocki during his presidency of the Hidden Children Association Belgium (L’Enfant Caché). The files revolve around a hidden child or a rescuer, and contain photocopied documents and proposals in order to request Yad Vashem to award a rescuer the title of Righteous among the Nations.
David Inowlocki, hidden child and former president of the Hidden Child Association Belgium (L'Enfant Caché)
French, English, Dutch
613 digitised images : 57 research files
David Inowlocki was born in Belgium in 1938. During the war, he and his brother Abraham (born in 1936) were hidden by the Jewish Defense Committee. The boys were first placed in Gilly and were later on transferred to the Chateau du Faing in Jamoigne-sur-Semois, where the Home Reine Elisabeth, a boarding school for boys, was housed. David and Abraham, together with 81 other Jewish boys, were hidden among the non-Jewish pupils there. All of them were cared for by principle Emile Taquet, his wife Marie Mertens and their staff of teachers and counselors. For safety reasons David and Abraham became Daniel and Albert Merckx. They both survived the war and were liberated in Jamoigne. After the war, David went on to become president of the Hidden Child Association Belgium (L'Enfant Caché). He was also involved in the procedure to grant the title of Righteous among the Nations to the Taquet family and their staff, which was awarded to them in 1987. David Inowlocki conducted research on dozens of cases of hidden children, their rescuers and hideouts in Belgium. He now lives in Israel.
David Inowlocki compiled these files in his attempts to bestow the title of Righteous among the Nations on rescuers of hidden children in Belgium.
David Inowlocki, 2014

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