Transcripts of interrogations of Adolf Eichmann in preparation of his trial. Item

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This item consists of six volumes containing the transcriptions of the interrogations of Adolf Eichmann by investigator Avner Werner Less, conducted between 29 May 1960 and 15 January 1961.
Avner Werner Less, Chief Inspector of the Israeli police
Hebrew, German, English
Hebrew, Latin
The six volumes have not been digitised and are accessible at the Kazerne Dossin reading room.
6 volumes
See collection KD_00564 (Scrap book on the Adolf Eichmann trial) for Belgian and French press clippings on the Eichmann trial.
Former SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann (born on 19 March 1906) was captured by Mossad agents in Argentina in May 1960 and was accused of participating in war crimes and crimes against the Jewish people, including organising the murder of six million Jews during the Holocaust. After his arrest he was brought to Israel to stand trial. During the months that followed, Eichmann was interrogated by chief inspector Avner Werner Less. The interviews (in German) were conducted using archival documents from the Third Reich and consisted of 76 audio recordings. The first interview took place on 29 May 1960, the last on 15 January 1961. The recordings were transcribed, after which they were revised by Eichmann using the recordings. Photo-copies of the transcriptions were bundled and a limited number of copies were printed. Adolf Eichmann was trialled and found guilty, after which he was executed on 1st June 1962.
Memorial de la Shoah in Paris kindly donated a duplicate copy of the six volumes to Kazerne Dossin in 2019.
Memorial de la Shoah, Paris, 2019

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