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This collection contains : the document drafted by the Belgian state confirming the acknowledgement of Majlech Ingberg as a member of an underground organisation distributing clandestine press ; four photocopied documents regarding the medals received by Majlech Ingberg as a member of the resistance.
Rosemarie Ingberg-Bondy, daughter of Majlech Ingberg
Digitally stored at Kazerne Dossin
Rosemarie Ingberg-Bondy, Private collection ; The original acknowledgement of Majlech Ingberg as a resistance fighter is part of his file compiled by the Documentation and Research Service (SDR), stored at the Directorate-general War Victims in Brussels.
7 digitised images (5 photocopied documents)
Rosemarie Ingberg was born in Ixelles, Brussels, on 20 October 1938, as the daughter of Majlech Ingberg and Dwojra Sosnowski. In 1941, Majlech became a member of the resistance, distributing several clandestine newspapers. All three Ingberg-Sosnowski family members survived the war. In 1953, the Belgian state officially awarded Majlech with the title of resistance fighter. He also received two medals for his work during the war.
Rosemarie Ingberg-Bondy, daughter of Majlech Ingberg, donated copies of all documents related to her father's resistance activities to the Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance, now Kazerne Dossin, in 2003, via Georges Schnek. The purpose of the donation was to honour her father's legacy and to add information on Jewish resistance fighters to the museum's collection.
Georges Schnek, 2003

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