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This collection contains a children's desk and chair used by Aline and Jacques Klajn before their deportation in October 1942.
Betti Blaugrund
The children's desk and chair are constructed in wood and were manufactured by Torck.
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Betti Blaugrund was born in Uccle, Brussels, on 16 July 1942 as the first child of diamond worker Wolf Blaugrund (born on 21 July 1910 in Nowy Sacz, Poland) and his wife Cypra Gitla Berlinski (born on 14 March 1912 in Pabianice, Poland). Wolf had emigrated to Belgium in 1929 and found employment in Brussels, while Cypra had arrived in 1926 to work in the fur industry. The couple married during the war and settled at 46 Rue Georges Moreau in Anderlecht, Brussels. Both obeyed the anti-Jewish decrees and registered themselves and Betti after she was born in the municipal Jewish register of Belgium.
A few months after her birth, Betti was placed in hiding with the family of Louis and Odile Ceulemans-Gryson in Aarschot. She loved living at the countryside and Louis made her clogs so she could run around the farm. Betti’s parents, Wolf and Cypra Blaugrund-Berlinski, also survived the war, hiding in the apartment of Cypra’s sister and brother-in-law Idessa Berlinski and Wigdor Klajn after their arrest. When Betti re-joined her parents after liberation, it was hard for the young girl to get accustomed to life in the city again. She still cherishes fond memories of the Ceulemans family.
Betti lost many family members during the war. Szymon Blaugrund, a cousin of her father, together with his wife Charlotte Danzig and their children Salomé and Sylvain were deported from the Dossin barracks to Auschwitz-Birkenau via Transport XXIIB on 20 September 1943. On her mother’s side of the family, Betti’s maternal uncle Israel Berlinski together with his wife Rywka Frenkiel and Betti’s maternal aunt Liba Berlinski with her daughter Charlotte Guzy were arrested and deported from the Dossin barracks via Transport XIV. Second maternal aunt Idessa Berlinski with her husband Wigdor Klajn and children Aline and Jacques Klajn were also arrested and deported from the Dossin barracks via Transport XV. Both transports left the barracks for Auschwitz-Birkenau on 24 October 1942. A third maternal aunt, Szewa Berlinski, was deported via Transport 21 from Drancy, France, to Auschwitz-Birkenau. None of the deported Blaugrund or Berlinski family members survived.
The desk and chair were used before and during the war by Aline and Jacques Klajn, first cousins of donor Betti Blaugrund. After the arrest of the Klajn-Berlinski family, Betti's parents Wolf Blaugrund and Cypra Berlinski hid in the Klajn family home and took care of the belongings of their deported relatives. Betti Blaugrund kept the items safe her whole life and kindly donated the original desk and chair to Kazerne Dossin in 2019.
Betti Blaugrund, 2019

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