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The collection consists of: two diplomas issued to Lambert Robert by the Institut des Arts et Métiers [Institute for the Arts and Professions] in Brussels (1940 and 1942) ; a diploma of rescuer issued in 1980 to Robert Lambert and his parents Jules and Caroline Lambert by the Comité d'Hommage des Juifs de Belgique 1940-1945 [Honorary Committee of the Jews of Belgium 1940-1945] ; a photocopy of a diploma of Righteous among the Nations issued to Robert Lambert and his parents Jules and Caroline Lambert by Yad Vashem in 1995 for helping the Kuniecpol family while they were in hiding.
Robert Lambert, Righteous among the Nations
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Digital copy available as collection KD_00605 at Kazerne Dossin
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Robert Lambert worked as an inspector for technical schools. By the end of 1942 he lived in Anderlecht, Brussels, with his parents Jules and Caroline Lambert. When a Jewish family, consisting of father Nachman Kuniecpol, mother Sura Bot and daughter Tauba Kuniecpol, moved into the attic of their apartment building, the Lamberts offered them help to avoid deportation. The Kuniecpol family was allowed to use the Lambert mailbox to keep in contact with their relatives in France. The Lamberts also provided the Jewish family in hiding with food stamps and informed them about imminent danger. When daughter Tauba had to give birth, Robert Lambert arranged for her to be hospitalised in a safe way. Tauba’s daughter Roseline Lewin was thus born in hiding. The Lambert family took care of the Kuniecpol family until Liberation. In 1994 the Lambert family was recognised as Righteous among the Nations.
The documents in this collection were gathered by Robert Lambert during his life. After his death an unidentified relative or friend offered them to Ghislaine Salomon-Schönberg who kindly donated the original items to Kazerne Dossin in 2021.
Ghislaine Salomon-Schönberg

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